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Fastener Training for Engineers

Fastening Technology and Bolted/Screwed Joint Design was created to give design, manufacturing, and quality engineers along with industrial technicians a thorough grounding in the complexities of mechanical joining with fasteners. This technical two-day course will provide information on the most current specifications, techniques and guidelines. Contact the FTI office for future offerings of this advanced course.

Critical issues covered include:

  • Elastic interactions between fasteners and joint materials.
  • Preload, clampload and workload, definitions and balance.
  • Joint relaxation, estimation methods for load losses.
  • Choosing the right fastener for the joint.
  • Temperature and lubrication influences and tightening methods.
  • IPC (In-Place-Cost) for optimizing joint economy.
  • Developing the joint diagram – a powerful evaluation tool.
  • Safety factor calculation methods.
  • Vibration loosening mechanism and fatigue failures.
  • Corrosion (galvanic, stress corrosion, etc.) prevention methods.

Who should attend:

  • Anyone involved in fastener purchasing, testing or quality control.
  • Anyone involved in fastener development, standardization or design.
  • Anyone involved in fastener assembly or manufacturing.
  • Anyone who designs mechanical joints with fasteners.


What our students have to say:

  • “Any engineer who designs, tests or assembles bolted joints should take this class at least once (as early as possible) in their career. The instructor knows what he’s talking about, has vast experience, engages the class and keeps everyone’s attention.” Brian Whalen, Naval Research Laboratories
  • “Simply the best technical seminar that I have attended since completing my graduate studies!” Everick Spence, Harley Davidson Motor Co.

Bengt Blendulf - color photo

About the instructor:

  • Bengt Blendulf was on faculty at Clemson University in the College of Engineering and Science until 1996, when he formed EduPro US, Inc. to focus on education and consulting in the area of fastening technology and bolted/screwed joint design.
  • He is a founding member and formerly served as chairman of the Bolting Technology Council (now ASTM F16.96 Bolting Technology).
  • He has been in the metalworking field since 1962 and in the fastener industry since 1966.
  • He is the author of more than 100 technical papers in addition to published articles related to fasteners and international standardization.
  • Bengt is also a contributing author of the Handbook of Bolts and Bolted Joints (Marcel Dekker, Inc).