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Advanced Fastener Training

The Fastener Training Institute’s core purpose is to enhance fastener use, reliability and safety. To that end we have put together both advanced and fundamental fastener training courses. Dates for each class offered are listed on the Schedule of Courses page. Click on a class to view the course details and to register online.

Besides the Certified Fastener Specialist classes, FTI also offers advanced continuing education courses. Subjects range from aerospace and automotive to structural bolting and hydrogen embrittlement.

All Fastener Training Institute courses are also available to be taught on-site at your facility. For private courses please email or call FTI to discuss the options; for an added fee classes can be customized for your company. Remember on-site training can save you on travel costs and time out of the office by having our instructors come to you!

Advanced Courses

Automotive Fastener Technology — This training is targeted towards technical personnel and support staff looking to consolidate fundamental knowledge and to acquire advanced technical information about automotive fasteners. Engineers, technicians, metallurgists, and technical sales staff will all benefit from this two-day course.

Dimensional and Material Specifications (CFS class) — An in-depth study of the most common inch and metric dimensional and material specifications for nuts, bolts and screws, including purchasing and sales criteria.

Fastener Manufacturing (CFS class) — Visit fastener manufacturing facilities and see cold heading, hot heading and thread rolling for commercial and aerospace products.

Fastener Quality Assurance (CFS class) — Quality assurance requirements for fasteners, including thread gaging, dimensional inspection, sampling plans, physical testing, ISO 9000 and fastener certifications. Includes hands-on lab work with inspection equipment.

Fastener Secondary Processes (CFS class) — Visit facilities that provide secondary processes to fasteners, including plating, heat treating and application of locking devices.

Fastener Specifications and Terminology (CFS class) — Learn about the consensus standards organizations that govern our industry, get a thorough grounding in terms and definitions used in fastener specifications, study actual specifications and learn how to identify and meet customer and industry requirements.

Fastener Training Week (CFS classes) — This training, in partnership with the Industrial Fasteners Institute, incorporates the seven classes in the Certified Fastener Specialist program in an accelerated version taught over five consecutive days.

Fastener Technology Workshop — This seminar focuses on the practical aspects of working in the fastener industry and is generally offered at industry trade shows. Subjects covered include: product standards & materials, thread types & selection criteria, quality issues, heat treatment and vibration loosening & locking technologies.

Fastener Testing (CFS class) — Taught on-site at an independent fastener testing lab, attendees will participate in hands-on metallurgical, physical, NDT, chemical testing and failure analysis.

Fastening Technology & Bolted/Screwed Joint Design — This technical two-day course was created to give design, manufacturing, and quality engineers along with industrial technicians a thorough grounding in the complexities of mechanical joining with fasteners and will provide the most current specifications, techniques and guidelines.

Understanding the Bolted Joint (CFS class) — Learn why tension in bolts and screws is more critical than the applied torque in making a joint secure. Among other things participants will learn first-hand how to calculate general torque recommendations and how to use simple torque calculation software.

Understanding Hydrogen Embrittlement in Fasteners – This course will provide a broad understanding of hydrogen embrittlement with a particular focus on the conditions leading to hydrogen embrittlement failure of high strength mechanical fasteners.

Dates and locations subject to change.

The Fastener Training Institute reserves the right to change instructors or cancel seminars and cannot be held responsible for costs incurred other than the registration fee.