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Inspecting Fastener Threads

90 Minute Training Video #102116-V

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Of all the features that we have to inspect on fasteners, threads are by far the most confusing and generate the most rejections.

In this webinar you will learn the basics and beyond of measuring inch and metric threads, internal and external.

Topics include:

• How to inspect threads In accordance with the proper specifications
• Thread classification systems – Commercial, Aerospace and Metric
• The different types of thread measuring gages and how to use them
• How to select the approved gages from the specification
• Where thread dimensions come from
• What are the most common causes of thread rejections and how to prevent them
• How to determine and measure thread length
• What to do when thread nicks are a problem
• When to use fixed limit gages and when to use indicating gages
• What must you inspect and what should you inspect –how many and how often
• What are best-fit wires and when they come in handy
• Inspecting Spaced Threads and Tri-Lobular threads
• Thread Gage Classifications – when to use what and what to use it for
• What to do when your gage accepts the thread but your customer’s gage rejects it
• Controlling thread dimensions when coatings are involved
• How to properly cite thread specifications on drawings, certifications and inspection reports
• Pitfalls to avoid when specifying a thread for your fastener
• Cut threads vs rolled threads – what do the spec say?
• What every fastener professional must know about thread inspection
• Making the best use of IFI technical resources for thread inspection

This is a technical webinar and some fastener background will be helpful, but not necessary.
It is geared towards Distributors, Manufacturers, Designers, and Users of threaded fasteners
It is appropriate for all levels of quality personnel, especially those involved in dimensional inspection.
Management, sales and purchasing professional will benefit from knowing what gets us in trouble and how to interface with customers and suppliers when a thread acceptability issue arises.

2-week rental – $225 (up to 25 views per video)

One-time view – $125

Includes reference materials and quizzes

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Instructor: Carmen Vertullo CFS
Image - Carmen headshot

    • Founder of Carver Consulting, a San Diego-based consulting, engineering and training company specializing in fasteners and bolted joints.
    • Experience in fastener quality assurance, manufacturing, sales, and inventory management programs.
    • Developed and teaches a series of advanced fastener training courses for the Fastener Training Institute®.
    • Holds a BS in Manufacturing Engineering Technology from National University, San Diego, CA.